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packaged drinking water
packaged drinking water
500 ML
200 ML
...Source of Purity
Orizon Orizon Orizon Orizon
packaged drinking water
Drink at least
two liters of water each day.
Recommended by, Health & Nutrition Experts.
packaged drinking water
Life in
every drop
Specially designed tiny pack with extra purity and freshness.
Feel life in every drop because the water is everything!!

About us

Orizon is the fast growing and registered Packaged Drinking Water provider brand in Gujarat.

Orizon is a 21st century Packaged Drinking Water providing Company since 2010 with a vision to make the world a healthier and a happier place to live in. Pioneers in bringing the revolutionary in delivering pure drinking water to the all hotels & restaurants in Gujarat.

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Role Of Water

Role of water in human body

Water helps the body to function properly.

Water helps to remove waste products from the body.

Drinking water helps to maintain physical endurance in adults.

Water in the body transports nutrients to cells.

Water is major component of blood.

Water helps to keep your body at the right temperature.


Orizon Packaged drinking bottles are available in 2Ltr, 1 ltr, & 500ml & 200ml. Kindly go through More products for further details...

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Our Quality

Orizon brings you pure, untouched water that goes through stringent quality check and state-of-the-art purification process. Orizon water is prepared & treated under fully automatic purification process of sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, UV treatment, micron filtration, reverse osmosis, ozonisation to enhance quality and health of every mankind!

  • Why Water

    In Our world around 8 billion people don't have access to safe and pure water to lead healthy life.

  • Health issue

    As we know the importance of clean water in the sense of health issue in our routine life.


    Our water is passed through multiple filtration process and it's executed for passing Micron filtration process.

  • Live Pure

    In order to live fresh and healthy. Drink pure which make your body clean and refine.

  • Drink Pure

    It's play vital role in conducive to maintain your health and prevent your body from water based disease.

  • Hygienic

    Always drink pure water to feel fresh and active. It's clean and refine metalism of your body organs to live more healthier & happier way!

Drink Pure Live Pure Your heart is 79% water.

Enjoy the pureness, when you drink Orizon Packaged Drinking Water you heart has 79% pure water to beat with more energy, your brain has 85% pure water to think more clearly and your blood has 98% pure water to flow better.

Drink Pure Live Pure

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