In Our world around 8 billion pepole dont have access to safe water. In our India it's very different story as we have so many desert region across the country...

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    As we are knowing the importants of water in the sense of health issue in our routine life. WHO figures also concern with same issue...

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    Orizon Packaged Drinking water refersh the body. It has a clean and refined test and helps you perform at your best because your body...

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  • role of water in human body.

    • Water helps the body to function properly.
    • Water helps to remove waste products from the body.
    • Drinking water helps to maintain physical endurance in adults.

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  • have a look on it !!

    • Water in the body transports nutrients to cells.
    • Water is major component of blood.
    • Water helps to keep your body at the right temperature.

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    Orizon is the fast growing and registered Packaged Drinking Water provider brand in Gujarat established in 2010.Orizon is a 21st century Packaged Drinking Water providing Company since 2010 with a vision to make the world a healthier and a happier place to live in. Pioneers in bringing the revolutionary in delivering pure drinking water to the all hotels & restaurants in Gujarat. It has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its robustness in technological performance and innovative designs enhancing quality of everyday living.

    Orizon Water has been at the forefront of innovation. It has grown to be a strong organization with faithfull dealers across entire Gujarat,thousands of satisfied customers to its credit over the state.Within a short span, we have earned the reputation of providing a pure packaged drinking water in wide ranging from Reverse Osmosis System, UF System to deliver a pure & Healthy water for good health.

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  • we value...

    We belive in water can do wonders to human body !!

    The human body uses water and food together to keep itself in good condition. Water assumed as much importance as food because it:

    1. Keeps the brain alert
    2. Maintains muscle tone
    3. Lubricates joints and organs
    4. Filters out impurities
    5. Keeps skin soft
    6. Regulates body temperature
    7. Carries calcium, sodium and potassium to cells

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    • Our Brain is 85% water
    • Our Heart is 79% water
    • Our Lungs is 79% water
    • Our Teeth is 10% water
    • Our Blood is 98% water
    • Our Bones is 22% water
    • Our Muscles is 76% water
    • Our Intestines 80% water

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Packaged Drinking Water

  • Shah Marketing, Botad is not our  official Dealer.

    Shah Marketing, Botad is not our official De...

    For Public Awarness..
    Shah Marketing, Botad is not our official Dealer. Orizon has no connection w...

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    Pleased to announce from the our press release.
    JCL & PYG are now our Supporting Initiative for our Social awareness Initiative Campaign. Orizon s...

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a drop convert into a river... a drop convert into a river......

  • Orizon is awesome in compare of the foreign Water suppliers Company ! We specially proud of that its a product of MADE IN INDIA. Go Head Orizon . you make proud of us!

    Siraj Ahmed Manara - CEO, Peakpixel Creative hub

  • For Orizon & its quality , I have no words to describe Im amazed with its quality & its Delivery service ! I also admire all the team who constant work to meet our regular order. Keep it Up wish you all the best .

    Rehman Malick - Hotelier, Winsome Restaurants, Baroda

  • I love Orizon... I have a reverse osmosis filter system at home but there is something about Orizon that just makes me feel better and it tastes amazing! We Love the Quality of Orizon ! So Drink Pure live pure Guys!!

    Harry Willson - HOD, P&G Products